15-19 March 2021
UTC timezone
Digital Transformation for Development


Poster Session

16 Mar 2021, 12:00


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Jeronimo Bezerra (Florida International University) , Luis Eliécer Cadenas (RedCLARA) , Eduardo Grizendi (Brazilian Education and Research Network (RNP)) , Len Lotz (TENET/SANReN) , Heidi Lee Morgan (University of Southern California (USC)) , Michael Stanton (Brazilian Education and Research Network (RNP))
New Technologies, Innovation and 4th Industrial Revolution

Geographically distributed science relies on Research and Education Networks (RENs) for data movement. End-to-end network paths for data movement in the transatlantic region rely on the collaboration of multiple REN operators (including TENET/SANReN, RNP, RedCLARA, GEANT and AmLight ExP).

Several RENs participate in the AmLight consortium to support the Americas-Africa Lightpaths Express...

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