WACREN has been pioneering efforts to get National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) in the West and Central Africa to enhance research, education, and innovation through technology.  NRENs have the ability to impact several sectors which could lead to greater economic prosperity in the region.

As WACREN continues to mature and services become available, the community seeks to expand its reach and target greater numbers of potential end users. The need to reach wider audiences with stories chronicling the successes and envisioning the potential of NRENs to transform the region has led to the desire to seek deeper partnerships with the Journalism and Mass Communication departments at WACREN institutions.

The objectives of these partnerships are as follows:

  • Discuss areas of cooperation between NRENs and departments of journalism and mass communication at WACREN institutions;
  • Invite student media administrators, advisors and practitioners to adopt the AVNN model for developing student media;
  • Outline roles and responsibilities for WACREN institutions, university administrators, heads of journalism and mass communication department, and student media practitioners;
  • Develop a memorandum of understanding among all parties;
  • Convene training workshops 

This kick-off seminar and workshop is hosted at the University of Ghana, Legon by GARNET, the Ghanaian Research and Academic Network with the support of the US Embassy and the Fulbright Specialist Program

In the three days. Heads of Journalism or Mass Communication departments and Student Media practitioners will take stock, brainstorm and chart new ways of collaboration with National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) to benefit their communities.

Institute of African Studies
JH Nketiah Auditorium
The University of Ghana