NRENs Academy - Webinar on Business Model



Boubakar Barry (WACREN)

WACREN has planned a series of workshops for the capacity building of NREN managers (CEOs/Coordinators, CTOs, Finance Officers etc), as part of AfricaConnect3 activities.

We intended to organise the first face-to-face workshop in September/October, but we have to postpone it due to travel restrictions. However, in order to prepare the face-to-face workshop that will be held later (April 2021), we intend to organise 2 webinars on 9 October and 21 October 2020.

Please find attached the description of these first activities on business models for NRENs. It is important that the registered particpants attend both webinars, as they are closely linked. Preference would be given to registrants who register to attend on both dates. The mode of communication would be English, with facilitation in French. 

Our friends in the ASREN and Ubuntunet Alliance regions are also invited to participate in these Webinars.

Thank you

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