15-16 March 2018
Hôtel 2 Fevrier
Africa/Lome timezone
WACREN – Unleashing Potentials
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Advanced Network Technologies and Services

Bootstrapping the African eduroam Confederation


  • Mr. Chris ROHRER

Primary authors


The three regional RENs in Africa (ASREN, UbuntuNet Alliance, WACREN) have agreed to jointly operate an African Regional Proxy Server (RPS) in the eduroam hierarchy. With this infrastructure, authentication requests between African federations won't be forwarded to the European Top Level server anymore, which should result in shorter response times and a proper delegation of concerns.

At the same time, the RRENs have taken the lead in starting to establish an African eduroam Confederation responsible for the governance and administrative tasks related to the operation. As this is a truly continent-wide initiative, it will be coordinated under the AfREN leadership.

In my talk I plan to present the current state of the RPS, report on the national roaming operators (NROs) that already have migrated or that have newly established an eduroam presence in their country since the launch of this project. I will also present a newly developed software that allows for the easy technical administration and deployment of the necessary components to run a national federation.