Supporting Campus Libraries to embed NREN Services and e-Infrastructure

Centre de Ressources Numériques et Pédagogiques,

Centre de Ressources Numériques et Pédagogiques,

Université Félix Houphouët Boigny, Cocody, Abidjan.

The TANDEM-WACREN survey to identify end user needs and priorities has led to the definition of an NREN service portfolio and the identification of a central role for librarians in embedding these NREN services in AfricaConnect2.

The results of the survey, its influence on WACREN policy and the operational requirements and expectations from librarians will be the focus of interactive sessions. Topics will be dedicated to content management, knowledge sharing and end-user engagement in an NREN environment of Open Access, Open Education and Open Science e-Infrastructure.

A session will be devoted to validating and finalising a draft survey developed WACREN in collaboration with Sheffield University and library consortia in Nigeria.

This extension of the TANDEM survey aims to produce a rounded picture of how librarians should place themselves within the higher education sector in order to become key information resource managers, especially where digital content is concerned.

Target Audience: Librarians and National Library Consortia from WACREN and other parts of AfREN.


  • All participants will have to secure funds for their travel, including visa fees where applicable.
  • International participants will be provided with free accommodation from 26 March to 1 April 2017 in order to enable them to take part in the final conference of the TANDEM project on the afternoon of 29 March 2017 and at the WACREN 2017 conference held on 30-31 March 2017.
  • Lunches and coffee breaks will be provided for all participants for the duration of the workshop.

Applications from the ASREN and UbuntuNet Alliance regions are welcome and encouraged.

  • Deadline for registration: 10 March
  • Notification of selection: 14 March
  • Deadline for acceptance: 17 March

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