WACREN Youth Day 2021: Youth and Digital Transformation in Africa





Digital Transformation is a subject that needs no introduction because the phenomenon is sweeping across the whole world; Africa is not exempted.

Digital has become a necessity for the advancement of economies, more especially education in countries across Africa. The COVID pandemic has catalysed the speed of digital transformation in this part of the world. A vital stakeholder of this digital change is the youth in every country.  

Question? Are various countries fashioning their digital future with the youth in mind? Moreso, are the youth been integrated into this process? How far are they in this plan? 

At the WACREN Youth Day 2021, we will be relishing very insightful conversations on this pertinent subject matter in the context of West and Central Africa, and by extension Africa. As national research and education networks (NRENs) play a crucial role in the digitalisation of the education sector, we will be thinking, talking and agreeing on how these RENs can rope youth into fostering their agenda.

Register, pull a chair and chat about the Youth and Digital Transformation in Africa on 17th March 2021.

Language:  In English with interpretation in French

    • Meet & Greet

      A fine time to shout out to the peeps you haven't met for a long time, while making some new friends to build your network. Remember, your network is your net worth!

      Conveners: Mr Effah Amponsah (WACREN), Lily Edinam (Ghana Youth IGF)
    • Welcome Address

      This address is intended to rally all participants around the focus the theme and set them in motion for a successful event.

      Convener: Ms Modey Uffa (Eko-Konnect)
    • Goodwill Message
      Convener: Omo Oaiya (WACREN)
    • Keynote Address
      Convener: Isabel Odida (Director, Fontes Foundation)
    • Research and Education Networks: About RENs, their Value and Youth Participation
      Convener: Leila Dekkar (GÉANT)
    • Status of Youth Participation in Digital Transformation in West and Central African Countries
      • 1
        Update from Ghana
        Speaker: Maxwell Beganim (Ghana Youth IGF)
      • 2
        Update from Nigeria
        Speaker: Adisa Bolutife (ISOC Youth Special Interest Group Directing Council)
      • 3
        Update from Benin
        Speaker: Bendjédid Rachad Sanoussi (Ing)
      • 4
        Update from Ivory Coast
        Speaker: Eva Ncho-Hie (Youth FGI Cote d'Ivoire)
      • 5
        Update from Gambia
    • Panel Discussion

      There will be a panel discussion on the 'Challenges and Opportunities for Youth Inclusion in Digital Transformation'.

      Conveners: Mr Bez Owusu (Information Security & Compliance executive), Mr Felix Nartey (Co-Founder, Open Foundation West Africa), Leila Dekkar (GÉANT)
    • Summary

      Summary of the event, takehome lessons and action points

      Convener: Lily Edinam (Ghana Youth IGF)
    • Closing
      Convener: Mr Effah Amponsah (WACREN)